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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Plastic in Vital Fluid: By Laura Miner

Laura Miner ©2012
 Continuing with my project titled, Vital Fluid, which features miniature sets of ominous gore, I decided to experiment with changing the subject of the terror. In the previous series animals were casually living amongst puddles of blood with an unknown origin. In this series I took a couple of the most dynamic looking animal figurines, and inflicted them with bloody wounds.

Laura Miner ©2012
The running boar could have harmed someone, be harmed, or both. The rooster has an alarmed look, yet does not spread it's wings.
Laura Miner ©2012
In between shooting the last series and this one, I photographed details of the animal figurines simply to explore their texture. How did the manufacturer represent common animal skins in plastic? It was fun to find the failures, like the plastic mold knot on the back of this reclining dog below.  But it was also interesting to see the skilled workmanship, such as the detail in the crane feathers pictured above.
Laura Miner ©2012

Laura Miner ©2012

The way the blood reacts to the imprints of fur and feathers highlights the plasticity, which may or may not be working for this project. It was worth a shot.
My next move will be to add more inanimate objects such as cars, and explore terror without blood.

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