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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Laura Miner: San Francisco

Traveling is an excellent way to change your artistic perspective. Normally my photographic comfort zone is in the studio, but in July I went to San Francisco for the first time. For that week in San Fran I had the challenge of doing lots of street, architecture, and nature photography; generally unplanned photo moments. Though, my advantage was that everything was new and incredibly interesting to me.

Living Roof: California Academy of Science (CAS) 2012 © Laura Miner
It was my second trip to the west coast (my first time being Los Angeles). San Francisco is unique in that it's a west coast city that has held onto an majority of historical buildings; not just government buildings, but homes as well. There is a similar breadth of styles and eras as east coast cities contain, but with a focus on the Victorian era and lot more purple in the color palate.

Sea Lion: Nob Hill / Saturday Afternoon: Dolores Park 2012 © Laura Miner
 It was an incredibly busy week hitting all the landmarks possible. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Mission District, Dolores Park, Nob Hill, Twin Peaks, Alcatraz, China Town, and California Academy of Sciences are some of the areas I photographed. San Francisco didn't just give me excellent vacation photos. Unlike other trips, the images I brought back were inspiring to me artistically. It's September and I still get a buzz looking at these photos. Moving in this different direction recharged me, and I am looking forward to getting back to the studio (and taking more photos on-the-go).

Can't Find That In LA: Golden Gate Bridge 2012 © Laura Miner

Cafeteria Floor: Alcatraz / Buddah: China Town, SF 2012 © Laura Miner
Fence: The Mission 2012 © Laura Miner

Frog Back: CAS / Golden Gate Fog 2012 © Laura Miner

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