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Monday, September 9, 2013

Hannah Engelson: Sleepers

I started the series “Sleepers” in 2010. The first photo I made without much thought. However, it's turned out to be one of my favorite images to date (see below)

Shane © Hannah Engelson
I was running late to one of my last morning classes as an undergraduate. Still half asleep, I turned back to say goodbye to Shane before leaving. I noticed the curtain had come undone and a small patch of light was sifting in. I sleepily took a couple photos instead of waking him. All the while, wishing I could get back into bed.

Train Sleepers © Hannah Engelson
In India I was always stuck by how people seemed so comfortable being in close proximity to one another. I was dozing in the top bunk of a (to put it mildly) hot, crowded train when I looked down and saw some fellow passengers asleep. 

Xing & Emily © Hannah Engelson
During Winter Storm Nemo a group of friends and I camped out at my friend Meredith's house. We knew we would be trapped wherever we were when the snow started to fall and decided we might as well make sure we were trapped together.

The Hobbit © Hannah Engelson
In the midst of a Boston heatwave, a friend from work needed a place for him and his friends to stay. Their initial plan was to sleep on a friend’s floor between attending a gaming convention. I countered by offering them the couches at the home I was house sitting. They referred to themselves as the “Hobbits” who had found their way to the comfort of air conditioning and a fully stocked refrigerator of "Rivendell".

I made this picture before they woke up despite strong feelings of guilt for not offering a blanket the night before.

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