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Camera Records in Time was formed and founded by Traverse Day Robinette and fellow photographer Sam Quinn in the summer of 2009 out of a desire to create an environment where photographers can habitually come together to support one another artistically and receive feedback about their work.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ben Gebo 7/17/2011

In mid June, I went on a three week road trip across America. It's something I've done a few times before, but never as extensive and rigorous. We traveled 7,500 miles with stops in Louisville, Denver, Los Angeles, Fargo, and many other places(See the map http://goo.gl/9989q) with a lot of unscheduled stops along the way. I didn't plan out the route or destinations, just tagged along knowing I could have this be the start of a project or an addition to my travel portfolio. I think it's both. The only rule I gave myself while traveling was to photograph two people a day and have a camera around my neck whenever possible. Here are four portraits I took during my trip with a moleskine entry accompanying each picture. America is nicer, weirder, and more beautiful than you think.

Ben Gebo 2011©

Ben Gebo 2011©

Ben Gebo 2011©

Ben Gebo 2011©

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