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Friday, August 19, 2011

Kitty Ethridge 8/19/11

The images you see here are the results of an ongoing personal project I’m working on and an assignment Ben G and I occasionally give our selves. The one thing they have in common is all were taken at night, one of my favorite times to shoot, and all without a tripod. The artificial lights moodily reflecting off the shiny surfaces, the cool shadows on the streets, sidewalks and the exterior of the buildings, especially after or during a rainfall can make for some pretty interesting photos.
The first image here is from a project I’ve been working on down in DC. The second was taken that same night but randomly. Both are examples of me trying out particular styles, a photographer trying to find her way. Am I more interested in photo essays/documentary or architecture? Or all the other subjects I like to shoot? Why pick and choose when it could be ultimately beneficial to my craft to try as many different styles as possible.
Both of these were shot with the same zoom. I wanted to pack as light as possible and the zoom just gave me more flexibility without having to lug around several different lens.
For the photo essay.

Kitty Ethridge © 2011
Something more formal.

Kitty Ethridge © 2011
These next 3 images are from the night ride assignments. They seem random and the subject matter is more or less but I’ve made decisions that I don’t ordinarily make. One is I’m only shooting with a 50mm 1.4 lens. Secondly, I’m trying to create more abstract images. It’s a first time for me for both. Lastly, one rule of the assignment is we have to make exactly 6 images we’re happy with so actually I’m not shooting randomly at all.
Kitty Ethridge © 2011

Kitty Ethridge © 2011

Kitty Ethridge © 2011

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