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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Working Title: Vital Fluid, by Laura Miner

Using fruit punch concentrate and chocolate syrup, I made another attempt at representing blood in my photographs. As promised from my last post, my subject matter is less reality based. My instinct as a macro photographer was to go for the David Levinthal route.
Laura Miner ©2011
Photographing small objects and toys, essentially playing with them, but creating a very sinister game out of it; that's what a majority of my photographs are about. Making sets and manipulating the common associations of objects get's me amped about photography.

These images are creepy in an obvious way. The blood is in your face, and the deer's plasticity is unavoidable. Now that I've gotten these images under my belt, the next step for this project is to continue to use the figurines, make realistic sets, and use "blood" (whatever that may be) in a way that will be unsettling without throwing it in the viewer's face.

I also made some sculpture boxes with phlebotomy paraphernalia. The needles and such were given to me to mentally prepare for an imminent blood test. I had my blood drawn, -- it went well -- and to truly represent my conquest, I sculpted the tools into art objects.
Tourniquet Laura Miner ©2011                Phlebotomy Laura Miner ©2011

Come to my website to see more of these images and a really tasteless animated GIF.

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  1. Take that, blood testing tools, you're not going anywhere now!



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