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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hannah Bemelmans: Scotland

These pictures are from Calanais, Isle of Lewis part of the Scottish Hebrides.  Calanais has 12 sites of Standing Stones and Ruins.  The main site is known as Calanais and it is a stone circle which contains a small chambered tomb and has five rows of massive stones emanating out from it--one for East, South, and West, but two for North, which form an avenue.  It is about 5000 years old and, like the rest of the standing stones, people can only speculate as to it’s purpose for being built.  As a New Englander, the Land is both familiar for it’s pastoral nature but also starkly foreign and melancholic as it is treeless, rocky, and surrounded by tidal lochs.  Together the Land and the Stones elicited in me a profound emotional response, the feeling of connection to those ancient people and, understanding that although they are a mystery, the feeling that the Stones make sense.

Calanais Stones (Site 1), Calanais, Scotland 2011 © Hannah Bemelmans
Cnoc Ceann a' Gharraidh (Site 2), Calanais Scotland 2011 © Hannah Bemelmans
Loch, Calanais, Scotland 2011 © Hannah Bemelmans
Loch Water, Calanais, Scotland 2011 © Hannah Bemelmans

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