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Monday, November 12, 2012

Laura Miner: Pealing

What started as a simple documentation of a leak, became a complicated exploration of disgusting beauty. My bathroom air vent was leaking, and causing water damage to the paint. It was bubbling, pealing, and revealing a gross world above me. The night I took these images was the last straw.

©2012 Laura Miner
For the past week, every night at 11pm - when my upstairs neighbor would shower - the air vent would drip a tiny drum beat on the foam padded toilet seat. This night the water damaged paint, six inches from the vent that was depositing the drip, was sweating and probably completely soaked.

©2012 Laura Miner
My first images were purely for my landlord's eyes. I wanted to get closer and really show the horror of water gone rogue. This is what happens when tiny bits of water escape; it corrupts the paint. Standing on the toilet seat after the dripping ceased and the shower turned off upstairs, I got in as close as I could. I saw a tangle of lines and shapes. It was unrecognizable as the thing I knew it to be.

©2012 Laura Miner
 Later looking at the photos, some images play with my perspective, I can't tell at first if the shapes are concave or convex. I can't tell how deep the layers go, or if there is light shining behind them. It's the kind of thing that you see, and then blink, and it's changed; like looking through a chain linked fence and unfocusing your eyes.

©2012 Laura Miner
I needed to appreciate the paint while it lasted, because I did intend on having it fixed. It went from wishing it was fixed right that second, to taking all the photos I could before I knew it would be gone. Right now it's painted over and smooth again, but I am thankful I have some expressive images to remember it by.

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