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Monday, June 2, 2014

Laura Miner: Sprinkles

This is a new work in progress in which I photograph sprinkles out of their usual context. They lack a reference of scale and paired with a plain background it manipulates the viewer's understanding of the subject matter.

Sprinkles (Orange and Blue) © Laura Miner  2014

It is difficult to understand how large the subject is, and most observers look for ques in the texture and color to reconcile this. Most believe at first glance that they are jelly beans - if it is edible at all. And while that is still a good guess (a small sugary morsel) the guess isn't small enough. My titles explain it all: Sprinkles.

Sprinkles (Pink) © Laura Miner  2014
Sprinkles (Red and White) © Laura Miner  2014
The first photo, Sprinkles (Orange and Blue) was the jumping off point. I had taken photos of sprinkles in various ways to explore their textures and shapes. This photo was the only one during that session where I separated two from the larger group. This image was chosen for a juried show at Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA called Massachusetts. The show was simply a selection of new and emerging artists from Massachusetts who work in various mediums. There was something about Orange and Blue that made me add it to three of the sprinkle photos I would submit for that show, and it obviously struck a cord with the jurors too.

Sprinkles (Triple White) © Laura Miner 2014

Sprinkles (Yellow and Green) © Laura Miner 2014
After that I felt encouraged to continue exploring this format: one to three sprinkles having their portrait taken in front of a seamless background. I'm trying out different pairings in size and color, as well as picking out oddities in each individual. The darker pink flecks in Sprinkles (Pink) really struck me. I will continue to pursue this with different angles and lighting.

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